St. Hilary Episcopal Church 

Alleluia! HE IS RISEN!! 

  • A happy and blessed Easter Season from St. Hilary to your family


Father Jon will be hosting classes on Mondays via Zoom. On May 10 and 24th, he will discuss the Ministry of Jesus. On May 17 and 31, the discussion will be Biblical Archaeology

St. Hilary's Episcopal Church is a community of faith located in Hesperia, California. We welcome all who worship Jesus Christ, and who are looking for a closer walk with God.  

Our Presiding Bishop in the United States, The Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, sums up our mission and our outlook in the most simple fashion - "If it is not about love, it is not about God." We welcome all - and that means everyone - No Exceptions. We are not concerned with how you look, where you come from, how you identify, or your economic status. You will find a home with us filled with the love and acceptance that Jesus taught.

The Episcopal Church is a member province of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. We cooperate with them on universal matters of charity, and are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our local community here in Hesperia. It is not enough to simply pray for solutions, one must act to bring into being solutions.

Our offices are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday every week from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We encourage you to call with questions or to speak with our Priest-In-Charge, Rev. Jonathon Sy. A phone call is the best way to reach us during this pandemic. 

All Events Remain Suspended until Further Notice

Mon-     6pm-Bell Choir

Wed-     12pm-Mid Week service

               1pm-Soup Luncheon and Spiritual lesson

               6:30pm Soup Supper and Lent madness

Thu -    9am-12pm-TOPS (Church House)

Fri-       9:30am-Threshold singers

              12pm-Stations of the Cross

              6pm-Threshold singers

Sat-       6am-Day workers lunch

              10am-1pm-Clothing pantry

               1pm-5pm-Day of Prayer

Sat-        11:20am - Choir Rehearsal

               12pm -VEC Service


Modified Service Schedule

Livestream will continue for 10AM service

My Dear St. Hilarian,

We are living in a very unpredictable time. I do not think that we will ever go back to where we were before COVID19. As Heraclitus would say, "The only constant in life is change."

I reckon that you have become more flexible by now to a certain extent with what this pandemic has brought us. Center your life in Jesus. Take time to place yourself in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Like a little child, sit on the lap of the Father and lean your head upon his bosom. Allow yourself to soak in the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Use the power of your imagination. That by doing so, you will be filled with peace that passeth understanding.

The world we live in today is full of darkness, violence and turmoil. It is overwhelming and wearisome. But there is a green pasture in the center of your heart where you can be still and know that God is. Sit there. Lie there. Pray there. Listen there. Reflect there. Meditate there. Contemplate there. Take time to meet God in the silence of your heart so that you may experience the blessing of God's Presence and receive whatever God desires to bring just for you.

I. I will continue to do live-streaming through this Pandemic, as well as morning and evening prayer. Please do check our Facebook page for announcements, as services may change due to unforeseen circumstances. 

The website of churches that continue to do live-streaming services and the Spiritual Communion Prayer of St. Alphonsus Liguori will be posted. It is the prayer one says during Communion time. This is the prayer that millions of our brothers and sisters throughout the world are saying since the pandemic started. We will have a chance to join them. I would like us to fast from one spiritual

practice in order to experience another spiritual exercise.

I would like to encourage you to explore other spiritual disciplines that you may 

not have tried before. The Jesus Prayer and the Rosary are very powerful prayers for oneself and for others.

Perhaps you may want to take time to meditate and do centering prayer – a moment of holy introspection and union with God even for just 15 minutes a day. The benefits are enormous.

There is spiritual reading – the lives of the saints are most edifying and can nourish our souls. And writings of theologians abound in Amazon. I particularly love St. Thomas Aquinas and Dietrich Bonhoeffer to name a few. There is a book the Chaplain to the Queen of England Bishop Gavin Ashenden highly recommended β€œThe Warning.” It is a compendium of revelations to mystics. 

Or you can go on a retreat in the privacy of your home. There is the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola you can access on the internet. There is the Divine Office of Mission St. Clare. The Morning, Noon, Evening and Compline  Prayers are ready for you. The practice of Lectio Divina is praying with the Scriptures. And there is fasting with bread and water, for those who are healthy and able. Resources are found below.

The Bishop has encouraged the clergy to take a vacation. I will take advantage of the time when our services will be on hiatus.

The Bishop's Committee members and I are ever so grateful for your continued support for St. Hilary. Please continue to pray for one another, for the country and for the world. The world is in need of so much prayer.

And I sincerely thank you for keeping me in your prayers as I keep you in mine.

Be blessed.

Praise be to God. Always to God.

Fr. Jon+